WAVES/USD Main trend. Accumulation and distribution zones.

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Logarithm. Main trend. Time frame 1 month.

Are you scared in the market right now? If yes, then rejoice and change your fear into a positive. After all, if you're scared, then other market participants are similarly scared, and this is an understanding of the surrender zone.

Linear schedule. 1 month.

Accumulation and distribution. The average price of recruitment and resetting.

In this trading idea, I will describe how a big player works and manipulates the price of an asset. You need to understand the mechanism of market play according to cycles and the psychology of people's behavior in the market in different phases of the cycle.

The big player in the asset accumulation zone "makes volatility," allowing you to earn locally (he buys into you). On pamp, you sell coins with a profit of +50%, +100% +200% is not particularly important.

After all, the point is for you to sell coins at a profit or a loss. The less liquid the instrument, the wider the range, and vice versa. Then the same coin is sold to you or others like you in the next cycle, but at a profit of +10,000% or more.

For a major player, the % monopoly on coins of the total market turnover is important. A large percentage of the total turnover gives an opportunity to influence the price in its favor, in other words, to control the price of the cryptocurrency.

As a rule, most do not buy in accumulation, they are afraid. They wait for those who are supposed to sell to them to say, "Fools, it's time to buy in triple-dollars."


You make a lot of money not on the pump but in the growth of the price in a strong trend. It takes time, sometimes a very long time, to accumulate a position in a certain range. On some liquid U.S. stocks, it takes a year or more to gain a position. On cryptocurrencies, this process is much faster, but sometimes this stage of the process is time-consuming.

Most market participants, who are doomed to lose all the time, do the opposite. Projecting into trading what they are in real life. Anything that has to do with money reinforces this effect. Buy expensive (aimed at buying), sell cheap (aimed at selling). Do not inherit this tendency.

Distribution of coins (sale of coins).

Similarly, it takes a long time to reset a large position in an acceptable price range as well. This example of working on this cryptocurrency illustrates this creative process well. It is a creative process because it is work according to the plan, but from the situation that develops, you need to inspire the mice to willingly crawl into the mousetrap with a smile on their face.

We need to keep the price (price level range) and let them earn +30%, +100% +200% is necessary to get everyone used to super-highs. Make a substitution in the concept of “super highs” and “bottom”. And simultaneously, you gradually unloaded your position. Believing hamsters will willingly buy "from the bottom" thereby you will not burn a lot of money to keep the “faith level”. You have to understand the mindset of the majority and their desires.

Most people can't think for themselves, they pass off other people's insinuating thoughts as their own. Such is the psychology of the lower classes. Destructive desires, low intelligence and ideological significance. They do their thing. Intelligence in the crowd evaporates, herd cloning thinking is turned on. It's contagious...

After about 60-70% of the position is sold out in an acceptable range, the dumping of the rest of the asset begins. By moving the price down to the desired new set of positions, you gradually "kill the faith" of the lazy hamster in a bright future. As a rule, the crowd is drained at the very bottom, when it was told to sell, or correctly said, instilled with the idea to get rid of the “unpromising”.

You must know in advance where and at what % of the allocated sum you will fill the position and under what conditions. There should be discipline in everything, and you should determine in advance your future actions according to your trading algorithm, rather than an emotional component.

Closer to the main position set zone-another price increase (optional) to unload another 10-20% of the position. In this coin this was done in the last cycle. Often you can see that this is done differently. Imitation of the accumulation channel, when the remaining extra part of the position is unloaded (not all of it). This method allows deceiving not completely stupid people, namely traders who analyze only price charts and understand the internal processes.

People see an imitation of accumulation. This, by the way, is difficult to understand. After all, skillful work always hides "traces of the crime" in the buying/selling lane. And only experience allows you to determine that. For example, I once got into such a situation due to my inattention, but a timely exit upon confirmation of a breakdown of channel support partially leveled the situation. Unsuccessful experience is also extremely important, you need to make the right conclusions and continue to develop in this area as a player or even as an operator.

In the next cycle of accumulation-pumping-dumping-accumulation, the process naturally repeats itself, if the organizers have enough rationality to support the project. A fool is not a mammoth, he will not go extinct. That's why this market makes super profits. It's very simple.

I copied the entire text from my educational article 2020, on the same coin.

Profit over +500% since publication.
Maximums as shown +12,300% or $60.66

WAVES/USD Main Trend. What "fuel" doesn't see. Process.

Now there are problems with the USDN Stablecoin near the surrender zone

Importantly, you have to understand that this is DEX WAVES Stablecoin, which is the point of "untethering." Amazingly, I haven't come across anywhere in the comments disgruntled and understanding why this is being done. Is the market to blame, as in LUNA-UST? All accidents of this magnitude are not. On the Internet, in the comments of victims encountered only negative (gave up, anger at losing money, “killed faith”) or conversely positive (the desire to save your money). Any trader understands the essence of cheating.

Any stabelcoin is an altcoin whose stability depends on people's belief in its stability, and the willingness of its creators to maintain that belief in stability.

WAVES/USD Secondary trend. Wedge. Capitulation. Locally. Time frame 1 day.

Locally. Time frame 1 day.

Local work. +108% of reversal level (yellow) 1.44906177 Pivot level zones on the chart.

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