WIN/USDT Long position / breakout

Forming a symmetrical triangle on WIN/USDT.
Although this is nor a bearish , or bullish pattern , it is considered a neutral formation.
We have a lot of good fundamentals coming out soon about Wink so I'm hoping for a breakout of the current formations we're in.
As I'm typing this its already starting to make some nice moves so hopefully it keeps on going.
We've had an increase in volumes along with some higher highs and higher lows.
We just ahve to hope that the breakout is to the upside and its as explosive as it looks like its going to be.
Trade safe friends.
Trade active: Formation has continued, just further down the line, I'm still remaining fully in the trade.
Trade active: First major take profit of 10% has been hit and stop loss has been moved up.
Trade closed: stop reached: We ended up stopped out at 5% profit after our 10% profit was hit.