Charlie Lee Is The Best Crypto Trader Ever... Prove Me Wrong

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Charlie Lee will go down in the history books as having some of the greatest predictions in crypto.

I wanted to mark these tweets in the history books so people would remember the mind blowing trading genius Charlie Lee.

On March 30th, he tweeted that after Segwit, Litecoin Price woudl go up an estimated 300-400% to $14 was near the absolute bottom of Litecoin's price.

Litecoin had an astounding 2000% run from his tweet after Segwit activation and then people started taking profit.

On September 14, 201 at the absolute bottom of the correction, Tuur Demeester tweeted "I've started buying the dip."

Charlie Lee responded to his tweet, in god like trader fashion...."I agree. I think we are at the bottom or clsoe to it."

After an astounding and astronomical price rise of over 8000% from the original March 30th, 2017 tweet about Segwit, Charlie lee writes a foreboding tweet where he warns that he expects a multi-year bear market and price to drop from $400 to $20, similar to how it had dropped in the past.

This prediction was made at the exact top of the market.

More than that, he also wrote an in depth Reddit post on how he had sold all of his litecoin over the past few days (at the exact top of the market.)

He had obviously sold some before this at varying levels, but he called the exact bottom, as well as the exact bottom on the litecoin correction and nailed the exact top. Astounding accuracy.

During this more than a year long bear market, Charlie Lee has not been as active on Twitter ... but on December 15h, 2018 at the bottom of the Litecoin price at $22, only $2 away from Charlie's prediction... he tweeted out... "Don't Bet Against Charlie Lee."

Lo and behold, Litecoin is up 158% since that tweet and is leading the market today.

What do you guys think?

Is Charlie Lee the best crypto trader on the planet...?
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jacobcanfield AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, It's a decentralized cryptocurrency Alan. ;)
+2 Reply
xfallensaintx jacobcanfield
@jacobcanfield, No he an insider. I think helps he use to be Director of Engineering at Coinbase.
+3 Reply
It was irresponsible of him to dump on everyone holding Litecoin. He screwed all of us by doing that. There's nothing good about that. What kind of leader would do that to his supporters?
+12 Reply
@kardia, He would have been an idiot not to do it. Selling at the top is literally the whole goal of trading, regardless of who you are.
+12 Reply
kardia millert25
@millert25, He could have made millions without dumping the whole load. He wasn't just a seller but the founder of the coin. There is a difference. He screwed everyone who believed in him by doing what he did.
+3 Reply
@kardia, buyer beware
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kardia BlockchainYahoo
@BlockchainYahoo, that's the truth!
@kardia, Why do people think any hard core entrepreneur gives two sh!ts about the general public? Whole thing is a game and he played it better than anyone.
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kardia CryptoKujira
@CryptoKujira, Well, yes, he certainly did prove he doesn't care about his supporters when he dumped all those coins on them. If it weren't for the people who believed in him and his project, do you think Litecoin would have become so profitable for him? Likely not. It looks more like a bait and switch.