CNBC Bitcoin Indicator Gives An Insane 95% Accuracy For Bitcoin.

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Hey guys, my first chart was deleted for adding my social media profile links at the bottom, so I'm re-uploading this one.

I was #1 in Trading View for a while. Hopefully I didn't violate anything on this one...?

I'm sure that you've heard that CNBC is a good contraindicator, well I decided to put it to the test.

After back testing what I like to call the "CNBC Bitcoin -0.78% Indicator," it is giving us a clear buy signal in this new range.

Almost every single bullish tweet we've seen has been at the top of nearly every single rally, giving us a very strong sell signal.

With every bearish tweet we see, it has been a clear indicator of a short reversal and end of a rally.

#1 - 90% return.
#2 - 26% return.
#3, #4 #5 - 34% return.

With every bearish tweet, we typically see on average a 30% return.

In the last week, we've seen 3 bearish tweets from Twitter , which gives us a clear indication to go long here.

Based on our 30% average returns, we should see a strong rally back to the $8500 area, where we will then wait for more bullish or bearish tweets to let us know which way we are going.

I believe this is a perfect reflection of the emotions of average traders and investors, which is why it's such an effective strategy.

I'll be updating this more as we move forward to see how this trend continues.

After I posted the chart, I received over 1.1k likes on Twitter and CNBC even sent out a tweet saying "This tweet is neither bullish nor bearish ."

I then received a call this morning FROM CNBC for potentially coming on their show.

Thanks for the lover and support. Will post more soon!
Comment: For those saying I broke the CNBC #Bitcion indicator...

Nope, still works like a charm.

Comment: Yesterday, we saw a bullish tweet and a bearish tweet come out within about 10 minutes of each other.

CNBC is starting to use a very smart hedging strategy.

Hedging is where no matter which direction a security moves, you've got a way to
make money.

Will continue to monitor as time goes on. I would not be surprised to see massive moves both ways based on the fact that they are bullish and bearish.

Comment: Solid short term short opportunity with the last tweet. Definitely bullish in nature gave us a strong R/R set-up witting at strong resistance around $6800.

Target zone of previous resistance turned support around $6600 hit perfectly.

Solid 2% drop. If on leverage, would have been a great short trade.

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Alright take it down and never talk about it again ... Or strategy is dead
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One of the biggest traps is the tradingview buy sell dial, yesterday it swung to BUY and within hours Bitcoin price dumped hard. I'm learning if it says STRONG SELL you BUY and if it says STRONG BUY you SELL.
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cruisexchange UnknownUnicorn2774089
@UnknownUnicorn2774089, One of the first lessons I've learned was buy when there is blood and sell when there is euphoria. If everyone is selling I'm buying and vice versa.
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jambyyyy23232 cruisexchange
@cruisexchange, correct. i see it also everytime there is a pattern it do opposite, too many buy signal at tradingview but it do opposite of the price. tsk
cruisexchange jambyyyy23232
@jambyyyy23232, best thing to do is go off your own analysis, and calculate your own risk.
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supergoh cruisexchange
@cruisexchange, may I know how to know when there is blood and when there is euphoria?
@supergoh, well I would think that would be subjective based on the trade. Be advised I'm just a beginner as a trader and this is just the regurgitation of information I've learned. What I mean by blood is big sell offs accompanied by oversold RSI levels and peak in bear volume. Really just a capitulation in the market. Euphoria would be all time highs multiple green days, over sold RSI basically when the money is raining in. Basically what I'm saying is buy low sell high.
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cruisexchange cruisexchange
@cruisexchange, *overbought for euphoria
HeyJonBray cruisexchange
@cruisexchange, This is precisely why big investors make out and small investors generally lose money—the "Boys Club" traders have enough money to lose some in order to dictate the narrative; they're not even "losing" money, it's actually an investment for them to lure in fresh, naive money.

Don't ALWAYS do the opposite, but rest assured that the bigger the trader, the more likely they are trying to trap you. Research, research, research some more, and stick to a strategy. Never make a buy/sell on a whim unless you're 100% prepared to possibly lose it completely.
jacobcanfield UnknownUnicorn2774089
@UnknownUnicorn2774089, Thought about doing a fun Youtube video on the trading view indicators. lol
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