OTC:WSRC   Western Sierra Resource Corp
Here is a copy of what I had written in my last post about WSRC.

"WSRC is what I would consider a riskier play, the company had a PR
on June 22 stating that they are in talks to acquire a gold mining operation
with enhanced recovery net income projected at $3.2B. With the company
having a market cap of $81.21M

This definitely caught my eye. I am skeptical at this point in time but
massive increase in volume over the last couple of days in interesting.
I have initiated a starter position at approximately $0.22.

If all goes well it could see $1-$2 near term based on possible
I am only putting in what I am willing to lose just to be extra cautious."

This is playing out quite nicely so far, it has already touched $0.49 over the last week.
Its looking more promising. the management team is fronting $10M of their own money to initiate funding the project therefore avoiding dilution of the company and providing a very intriguing level of confidence.
on the chart I've posted what I'm seeing from a technical view. overall, I remain very bullish for WSRC long term. With the proper PR I still believe this could see $1-$2 over the next couple of months if not sooner.

This is just my opinion. I am NOT a financial advisor, always DYODD