GOLD/JPY: Bearish Bump and Run Reversal Top

XAUJPY after sharply rising from the long term Lead-In trend line and Horizontal Support Level, is now currently testing the supply line of a local Right-Angled and Ascending Broadening Formation it has developed at the highs and seems to have completed an RSI BAMM and is now looking to do an impulsive move down. If the impulsive move down is great enough, we will see XAUJPY break down below the Lead-In Trend Line and confirm it as a Bump-and-Run Reversal Top, which could take us to the measured move that happens to just about align with the 61.8% Retrace overall.

The JPY overall has been setting up and getting quite Bullish against other currencies recently too, such as the AUD, GBP, CAD, and EUR. I suspect this trend of the Yen gaining value against assets will continue in Gold as the USD continues to rise and the JPY maintains its USD value relative to other currencies and assets.