Commodities: Oil leading the pack and an interesting spread

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We have an interesting setup here, with oil suddenly breaking up above weekly resistance, and outperforming precious metals, I think we might see a shift in positioning towards oil , and a few laggards that show an increase in commercial long positions for some time according to the commitment of traders report.
I'm watching oats, rough rice, soybeans , corn and wheat here.

Powerful trends look to either stall, or shift down, like the ones in silver , gold , orange juice , sugar , coffee ...If everyone already bought and is in positions, who is left there to buy and bid it higher?
Right now, my focus is seeing which commodities moved up for the day yesterday, and then examine the individual setups. I'll post the ones worthy of attention, but meant to publish this as a heads up.
You can read the tickers and the color code on the top left corner.

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Ivan Labrie.
Comment: Filled (after being faked out)
Looks terrific.
Very nice move.

If anyone followed my suggestions, they would be down 0.5% on an entry, but nicely up on the reentry and the other trades I shared for commodity futures and etfs.
Comment: USDA report isn't good for wheat, cancel that order.

Great progress on everything else.
Comment: Wheat has to catch up to the rest, you can long Wheat futures (see my publication)

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