Make £1,000,000 overnight from a 50p investment

OANDA:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
Heading back down to 1795 before the bigger push up! You can see that 1795 is a good area of support that has been used plenty of times before, this is also the daily timeframe which makes it a strong setup, once we have the bounce off 1795 then 1833 will be our next target as we look for the bulls to push it through that level.

So short term SHORT long term LONG

At the moment investors are stuck in between a rock and a hard place, they don't know if they are coming or going in these uncertain times. We are battling against inflation , possible covid outbreak, more lockdowns, vaccinations, massive Bitcoin movements, Silver shortages and a stock market that is up and down more than a hookers knickers.

Now we know that in times of fear gold does really well as investors see this precious metal as a safe investment as it is, this monetary metal has and will be used for years to come as an exchange for goods and services meaning that if the currency collapsed tomorrow you would still be able to go out and buy your shopping with gold . At the moment we have fear but the government are playing down what is really going on, they are propping up the stock market with fake money (stimulus checks they keep giving out are just getting put back into the stock market by people who don't really need them) Government are also hiding the fact really well that more lockdowns will be coming in the winter as they don't want to scare anyone.

When they stop giving people free money and we go back into lockdowns what do you think will happen? Stock market will see a MASSIVE drop as people will be pulling money out of it and putting it into a safer investment that thrives in times of struggle GOLD! The price of gold has also been kept down because of how well bitcoin has been doing up until recently, this is because people these days are conditioned to want everything quick (social media gratification in the way of likes off strangers, fast food, Amazon prime next day delivery etc) So why wouldn't they want to get rich quick also? After all you go on any social media platform and you have people telling you that you can make £1,000,000 overnight from a 50p investment! The sad thing is people actually believe this not knowing it takes years of hard work and lost money to even turn a profit consistently trading, and most people don't even get to this point.

Never believe everything you hear... unless its from me, i just speak the cold hard truth even if you don't like it. FACTS DONT LIE, FAKE GURUS DO.

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