What is impulse and how to make money on it?

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What is momentum and how to make money on it?

Momentum is a sharp paranormal price movement in one direction or another, unusual for average daily fluctuations of an asset

How to build zones from which impulse movement is most likely to occur?
1) The price is pushed back from the previously built level
2) There is an impulse movement in the other direction
3) Correction to the level, from which the price pushed a little
4) consolidation, consolidation below the level, from which there will be an impulse movement

How it works?
1) the level above which the price consolidates and repels
2) Rollback from the price level at the moment
3) Impulse that breaks the level
4) We need to extend the level to understand where the key point will be
5) Fixing the price below the level
6) In anticipation of an impulse movement, at the very beginning of the movement, after fixing, we open an order
*** Works in the same way in long

What do you need to do, what to earn on this?
1) If you use impulses not all in a row, but the very first one after a trend reversal, then we have a chance to pick up all the movements, it all depends on your benchmarks, where you exit the market, according to your strategies.
2) Not every impulse level is the first, we estimate the situation from strong levels, from which the price can reverse
3) We focus on the opening of the session, the chance that the market will reverse at the end of the working day and give you less profit if it is at the beginning.

It is important to understand:
Price moves from level to level
The price does not always fix directly below / above the level
You can work both on the younger (m5, m15, m30, h1, ch4) and on the higher timeframes (d1, b1, m1 )
The older the timeframe, the stronger the level from which an impulse can follow
During an impulse, funds are injected, a large player enters the market or a major player exits the market, stops-losses are collected, i.e. removal of market participants.

Our goal is to follow a major player who leads the price and get profit from it