BTC possible longer bottom (ending DEC 2022) & 2023 increase

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One of many possible uncertain outcomes that we may face is the path of a "longer bottom". However, after the bottom has greater confirmation ("measure in weeks"), then we may likely see the increase around 2023-01 to 2025-01. Significant variables that arise over the next 29 months can rapidly shift the markets; both up and down unexpectedly (the known unknown market-shaping variables).
Comment: BTC 2022-05 to 2022-09 4h forecast
Comment: It's very possible that we will see below 17k between 2022-11-11 & 2023-04-04 ; however, I left it out of this view. It could be very short lived at those levels.
Comment: Possible decrease until September 1st. Then pre-payday increase to around September 6, 2022, followed by a decrease from September 6, 2022 to October 1, 2022.
Comment: With Global Market Uncertainty, BTC is still experiencing a "longer flatter bottom".
Inverted Yield Curve Monitor:
Comment: VIX ("The Fear Index") is also on the rise reflecting "uncertainty" in the global markets.
Comment: BTC: very clear down trend (past 15 days)
Comment: still in play. click the play button.
Comment: It is very possible that the longer flatter bottom can be extended until 2023-03-22. The unlikely and very latest that the bottom may occur is estimated to be 2023-09-19. However, it's never a good idea to "wait until the last minute" either. Between 2022-11-11 and 2023-09-09, it is also possible that here may be a "flash crash" that dips neat 9.8k; however it would be a very short duration to confirm the ultra lowest point possible for this halving cycle; meaning war or climate or viruses may cause a temporarily generated flash bottom like there was in 2020-03 (depending on what expected challenges and variables occur over the next 12 months).
Comment: As WW3 escalates (as expected by most analysts), 2023 may experience a "longer flatter bottom" as well. If WW3 did not escalate as much, then this forecast would be more precise for 2022. However, this forecast clearly states and increase in 2023, but does not say which quarter of 2023. This was intentional with the "known uncertainty" for the Q1 2023 start of the next official recession.

So if the official announcement of the recession is announced on 2023-01-06 then, BTC will fall from 2023-01 to 2023-03.

The very latest that day0 predictive analysis is forecasting the TOTAL & BTC very bottom is near or during 2023-09. However, this is without WW3 escalating too far into the interconnected blockchain markets; in terms of market price.

This forecast ends on 2022-12-31 for all of the reasons mentioned above. For the year 2023 and later, please view the day0 monthly extended long-term forecast here:
Comment: Reminder: Diesel fuel expect to run out on 2022-11-19 in US & Europe. Perhaps, this shortage maybe felt at the diesel pumps around 2022-12-12. Check news & energy departments for updates.

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