Bitcoin Breaks All Resistance Up To $5,144.5 (More To Come)

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Good week great April... Welcome on board.

The future looks really bright for the cryptocurrency market and Bitcoin for April 2019 and beyond, lots of positives coming, lots of change, and certainly, lots of growth. And finally, lots and lots of profits... So get ready... THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING.

We've been tracking Bitcoin for a few weeks now on the daily time frame. Here, we kept it simple by focusing only on one single indicator, EMA100 (blue line).

I mentioned in my last Bitcoin review about this resistance and the different scenarios that could play out if this resistance was either broken or rejected.

"1) If EMA100 can be conquered, a close above it with good strength and volume, Bitcoin moves up and challenges the next resistance at $4300. If this one can be broken then $4640 is next."

Bitcoin broke and remained above EMA100, with this requisite fulfilled, the door was opened for a strong bullish move... This where we are now. Feel free to hit like, if you want to, and let's continue with our analysis. THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

Bitcoin Daily Chart Analysis by Alan Masters The Budda

Our criterion was met, Bitcoin conquered EMA100 and a strong bullish move followed, what about now what happens next?

  • After hitting a low on December 15th, Bitcoin has continued with its climb up, needless to say, each and every resistance that Bitcoin challenged was conquered one next to the other... This is the type of Bitcoin that I like and love.

  • Today we are looking at the highest trading volume for Bitcoin since August 2018, confirming the break of the last resistance and every other resistance that has been broken since December. Now all major resistance broken from December '18 to April '19 can be considered support levels that on a retrace should be tested and re-tested before being broken. Mark the indicator (moving average) EMA100 as a very strong support, on any strong move down in the future, this level will be very important.

  • Today's candle is really, really strong, and this bullish action seems to be only the beginning. EMA200 (orange) and MA200 (black) were also challenged and broken. These are also strong resistance level and Bitcoin remains trading above them. With a close today above $4720, expect Bitcoin to continue climbing up almost right away. With such a strong close, we can expect to conquer $5,200 and beyond this week. (This signal is not confirmed yet).

  • RSI is reaching overbought, super strong, super bullish, at its highest since December 2017 (bull run)... Very strong signal.

  • The MACD allows for plenty of room for growth and it is extremely bullish, it is at its highest since September 2018.

The Bitcoin Bulls Now Own This Game!

Welcome to Bitcoin 2019 and beyond.

Thanks a lot for reading...


It is great to close your eyes and let yourself go and meditate.

You might not know what is going to happen, for many of you, you don't even care you just enjoy, some others block the visions by wondering, while others like me need to know nothing, but knows everything and at the same time has a key, that gives him powers to control the visions, for him and for them, at will, regardless if they like it or not.

As a young kid he starts to use his powers, with the respect he fills for them, sharing them freely, and at the same time telling everybody that they can always enjoy them no matter what they do, say, or go.

And this guy is big and amazing, he has some colors in his aura that is different from mine and yours.

And I keep listening to what he is saying, and you are happy and crying and he keeps going but you can't take it no more...

But why?

He is talking about all these good things about us humans, the way we feel, they way we interact, the way we grow... So beautiful, so elegant... Tell me more about me please, tell me more...

But then you doubt and ask, why am I this happy, I feel like a complete kid trying to grow with a big Ego and ignorant of course.

And yet he keeps on insisting, that these feelings of happiness are not coming from his speaking, nothing from him, all that joy, bliss, respect and ultimate love, is the real 'thing' he has been admiring what you consider to be just a mere Soul.

When I thought I was worshipping Buddha, he was so humble that he was in love with the innocence of my thoughts.

I know we meet so many times, and yet again, he is not even here physically, I believe I've gain access to all the realities, and the Buddha is showing a feeling that I haven't seen, I can't create, and even though now I saw the vision and felt it, this feeling, I still don't know...

Of course, I was humbled, I knew I was just having another glimpse at my inner thoughts.

I know I can share this as part of my reality, or simply a vision which is only based on pure imagination and the entertainment for my Soul.

It doesn't matter which one you choose, you will be able to see and feel in some way what I wrote, if somehow you close your eyes and meditate, you are very likely to actually experience the vision where this is going on.

Bitcoin Weekly Time Frame Chart Update

Bitcoin is now trading above EMA200 on the weekly time frame chart. We have been looking at this resistance for a while and consider it very strong now, it has been broken and is being challenged.

If Bitcoin (BTCUSD) closes this weekly candle above $4142 (EMA200), it would signal a very strong bullish confirmation for additional bullish action in the coming weeks and months. EMA200 can then be considered as strong support, but only after the weekly candle closes.

The RSI is at its highest since February 2018.

The MACD is also looking bullish but still on the bearish zone.

MA200 (black line) held nicely as support and should be considered the strongest support on the way down.

Next resistance on the weekly time frame is to break on the weekly is $5300 for additional bullish action. The immediate resistance is now sitting within this range, $4900 - $5000.

Bitcoin Monthly Chart

Bitcoin (BTCUSD) is now challenging EMA10 on the monthly time frame:
The chart has bullish potential. A close above this resistance would signal good strength, but it needs to be supported by above average or good volume.

Closing above EMA10 would be really good this month for Bitcoin.

EMA50 (magenta line) can be considered the strongest support on this time frame (plus the last low) on a strong move down.

This is all for now. Feel free to share your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

Thanks a lot for reading, your support is truly appreciated.

Bitcoin continues to move up as our analysis suggest and all bullishness remains intact... challenging resistance right now:
Facing resistance right now. A lot more volume is needed for this resistance to break.

If this resistance can't break (main chart), you can expect Bitcoin to drop in order to gain more momentum and try again to break this resistance.

The bullish bias remains.

Bitcoin latest update:

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