Building a bottom shock to build a platform

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Btc today's market:
Building a bottom shock to build a platform, the rising channel is quickly broken

We can see on the daily line,
1. The price is still in the rising channel , and if it continues to sideways, it will go out of the rising channel .
2. There is a triangle break, but the callback is at the apex of the dead fork, and it is very likely that the direction will be selected.

In terms of support, the callback is still not in place, and the bottom is near 3650.

At the 4-hour level, we saw two volatility intervals, which are currently oscillating between the cells in the middle.
And the low position is rising, paying attention to the amount of energy at the top position, there is no obvious breakthrough sign.

There are several UTs in the 1 hour class, which are 5 points and 19 points k line. At 19 o'clock,
UT is the ut on the rise, indicating the short-term exhaustion of supply, but the subsequent demand is not obviously followed and the upper limit is weak. Big.

The probability of tomorrow will continue to fluctuate.
The disk surface is slightly more than a lot. Pay attention to the amount of breakthrough energy at the top and bottom of the shock zone.
If there is a breakthrough in the volume , you can consider entering the market.

Trading points provide:
BM price point: 3865, 3710, 3805, 3650
Comment: This is the 4 hour level map.