The bull market can be expected, but be vigilant!

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What did we see in this wave of rise yesterday:

1. btc leads the rise, triggers a chain effect, closes the empty order, and leads the robot to break through. The futures were once higher than the spot of 300 knives.
2. Other currencies are rising, and the magnitude is even worse. Eth, sos, etc. However, there are still currencies that are in the upswing phase, such as trx .
3. The amount of small currency and the chip are attracted by the big currency, the trading volume shrinks and begins to fall.

The line is as above.

What about the trading market?
1. The technical team first saw 4200, and also made a plan for the possibility of an upward breakthrough. But the rise is too fast, most of them are stopped or quickly exploding. The central (4400-4600) position begins with a new empty entry. However, the price reversed to 5100 or more, and the central empty list was again exploded.
2. Small retail investors can earn as long as they hold more than one. But in general, the crops have the money of large households, giving the retail investors profits. Increased confidence in the market and increased greed.

1. Today btc has no central pressure and rises again. Bring another currency with a small increase in the previous period. Such as eos , bch, xrp and so on.
2. The small currency continues to be sluggish.
3. The retail investors quickly enter the market after determining the “bull market”, and the bottom starts to open positions on dips.
4. The news side, from yesterday on with a variety of pull plates.
5. After the Americans got up, they put a wave of empty orders and renewed the chain effect of yesterday.

What should we do?

Spot: Do more on dips!
Futures: First see the top pressure zone 5800-6000, or even 6200. Do not easily connect to the top before this.

1. In terms of the target, you can choose among other currencies with smaller gains, and then enter the market first.
2. If there is a position in the small currency, don't move it, wait for the rise after the callback.

Futures must be well-stopped, preferring to be stopped and reconnected at the bottom, rather than being knocked down by a possible small probability event.
This wave of rise is actually reasonable, just a wave of small bull markets. In the history of the currency circle, it is a small event. During the period of the third wave, the rise and increase are inevitable. Greed rises, be careful!

I wish you all a happy money and welcome the Mavericks!