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What's up traders, investors and delusional moon boyz. Here is an update on XLM . So far this wave 2 is playing out like it should. I'm giving you guys a warning now to pay attention and see if wave 2 ended early. It didn't even go to the .38 fib level and that is very weird. This correction is called a bearish zigzag with waves 3,4,5 ending in a diagonal where wave 5 is very short. Now, I'm speaking in bearish terms right now. We don't have full confirmation on anything yet. I have closed my 40 ,000 xlm position in profit from my buy at $32.8. I closed 20,000 at $.35 and the other 20,000 breaking even with the fees. I don't like what I'm seeing and I will re open a long if we break $.34 area. Until then, I am waiting to see if we are finishing the B wave with a C wave up to ($.38 range)of wave 2 of 3 down. Again, I'm speaking in bearish terms. I didn't post a bullish chart because there was no need to at this moment in time. I've been doing a lot of research to see where we are since XLM was 0(zero) and what degree wave we are in. This may sound weird but it's possible that we have just started wave 5 of the super cycle degree back when XLM was $.026. Yes that was wave 4 ending at $.026 that ended which overlapped wave 1 and when the big picture is painted this will all be a huge ending diagonal . Another count on the 4hr shows us only finishing wave 1 of the primary degree. either way, the ultimate road for XLM is bright and we are in buy zones right now. 5 years from now, it won't matter if you bought at $.30 or $.18. Now, as of now, there still is an outside chance that this becomes bullish in the short term. I remember a time when Ethereum was $127 and I had gobbled up 84 eth at $92 and it was in the same pattern at this. it shot up to the $180's and retraced into the $127 range and everyone was calling for $62. Everyone!!!! We shot up and never looked back. Let's be smart and careful here on XLM . I will post more views on XLM when I get more confirmation on things. Happy trading and good luck guys!!
Comment: Wave 3 up of the C wave up of wave 2 of wave 3 down is underway to $.36 or more. I reopened my position strong at $.312 with another 40000 Xlm purchase! Wish me luck!! Stop set at $.29, however I’ll know if this goes south much sooner than that!
Comment: So, looks like wave 2 ended early. I am about to get stopped out at $.29. Everything was pointing to a wave 2 up. Yes...I was wrong and i'm sorry. Nobody got hurt and if $.29 holds great. Be on the lookout for more lows. I will have an updated analysis soon.


I bought at $0.10
I bought at $0.30
I bought at $0.60
and I'll be buying even more at $0.22 or $0.12
Don't forget about Clawback feature and network effect.
XLM is doing BIG things.
Major Player in blockchain and delivering financial security to those most in need.
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mfibbs Evdog9000
@Evdog9000, that’s awesome dood. Great strategy. Just keep buying and dollar cost average!
mfibbs Evdog9000
@Evdog9000, Don’t use a log scale my friend. It will screw up your targets. $18-20 will not happen before I’m eligible for social security and I’m
my indicators show there was no point to enter 0.31$
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mfibbs FlowersFor
We’ll I did and I bought 40000 Xlm which was my last trade, not this one. I closed half that position at $.35 in real time and the rest at $33.1 about breaking even. I reopened it at $.31 seeing a c wave up and was wrong. I never got stopped. I held for now to ride wave 4. I have no problem admitting I’m wrong and giving props to someone who’s right.You watch, I’ll be right more times than wrong and people won’t get hurt.
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mfibbs AriasWave
@AriasWave, You are most likely the worst response hater I’ve ever seen!I post a possible wave up with explanation as to what to do if it doesn’t get there and it was based on a descending wedge break and you can’t see the logic as to why that was a possibility! I was also stating what I was doing with the over all trend being bearish! You ignore wedges and volume and we’ll basically everything that gives a real trader signals! Your opinion means nothing and I’m embarrassed that you would even critique a short term trade since you the biggest fool on TradingView!! $50, $55, $160 LMFAO… people lost 120% and hate you! Your too stubborn to take advice from other analysts! Your opinion is a joke to me! However, I will continue to tear your bullshit Arais wave apart!
What’s your target if this is wave 5?
mfibbs VajraV
@VajraV, I don’t believe this is wave 5 yet. If bearish it’s far worse. We’ve completed wave 1 of 3 down. The 5 waves ended at $.30. I see this as a wave 2 of 3 up then 3 of 3 heading to $.18-$.20 . Wave 5 will be very short because wave 5 of 1 was an extension which is why it wicked to $.26
VajraV mfibbs
@mfibbs, you mentioned a wave 5 super cycle though, that’s what I’m referring to