XLM Crawling Out of the Mud

100-day CCI has turned positive, 50-day VWMA now has a positive slope, positive volume is dominating the past few trading days and price has finally crossed above the 50-VWMA. We have not seen these indicators positive in about five months, a sign that there is upside potential here in the medium to long term. Accumulation/Distribution thrown in for good measure.

Sentiment is the driving force on all of these indicators changing direction. Since around the time the article included below was released we have seen large local spikes in buy volume . If it proves to be more than simply rumor, follow-through news can bring further positive sentiment to the table. People are looking for cryptocurrencies to deliver real-world value through implementation, so news like this naturally makes XLM stand out among its peers .

Spikes in buy volume before this article released tells me that either this wasn't the primary source, or insiders got in before it hit the feed - or both.

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