XRP, lets ride the bullish wave ^_^

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Hi, welcome back.
My update analysis today at ripple.
I love to analyze this crypto, because i have a good support analysis at XRP, even better than my BTC or ETH analysis.
so, lets ride the bullish wave at #XRP

This is 1 hour chart, and i will update this chart in every key level that I found,
make sure you support this analysis to get a quick notification in every update.

You can see that we have symmetrical triangle here, and #xrp approaching resistance line.
If we have a breakout, full body candle should above resistance to make sure its not a false breakout.
and if we have that, we can set our bullish target at symmetrical triangle projection with 4% profit projection.

Happy trading,
may profit be with you.
Btw, in this post I will try to catch pump. I only use my pump analysis method at BTC and ETH, maybe my pump technical analysis work at ripple too.
for money management at this analysis, I use $60 with martingale system.
1st opening position will be $30 use 100 leverage, so my buy volume is around 49XRP
Candle already close above resistance at 0.6150
now depend on this close candle, if we have close above 0.6139, It confirmed that this channel broken.
Trade active:
my first order :
Leverage : 75
Volume : 3000
Buy long : 0.6142
Stoploss : 0.6131
Risk : $3.30
Initial margin $24.57
chart timeframe : 15 minutes
Trade active:
if this plan success,
take profit : 0.6384
profit : $72.60
risk : $3.30
profit percentage : 2200%
PnL ratio : 22
wish me luck :))
1 hour timeframe :
we have close candle above resistance,
that is good news for bullish
we have 1 resistance at 0.6182, if my sloploss still not hit, i will close 30% of my position
and add another 30% after pullback.
Trade active:
1 hour timeframe,
candle close with a good bullish
If we look at money management that I use in this setup,
I buy 3000XRP at 0.6142
Stoploss at 0.6131, with $3 risk
if we reach 0.6182, I will close 1000XRP, with profit $4
and i still have 2000XRP run.

It mean, if ripple back to 0.6131 and my stoploss hit,.. there is no problemo
because i already recover my loss before it happen with 1000XRP ($4-$3 = $1)

so this is zero risk high reward system :))

thanks for support this analysis, see u at target.
I will update this analysis if i found a new key level
Make sure you support this analysis, to get notification on every update.

Happy trading, bye.
sadly my stoploss hit -_-
so i will wait at to risk another $3 :
at 0.6131
at 0.6111
and 0.6067
next candle we will have a pump
yup, 1 hour before i detect this little pump, and maybe it will break this resistance
Another perfect analysis, with a perfect result.

Candle close with a good pump,
Hope you all get a good profit,
with $5 risk, my unclosed profit already reach $30

Not only at XRP, we also catch this pump at ETH
Its already 4 A.M. at my local,
time to sleep,
see u all guys,
morning all traders,
last night, I already close 50% of my opening position with $15 profit.
we still far from target, but I detect a correction wave.

Last night bullish run forming channel up pattern, and already touch resistance.
we will have a correction to reachchannel up support or 0.6165 fibonacci support.

I will update more of this analysis if I have a good support/like at this post, because right now, I also focus at ETH pullback.
another little pump
nice run, we will reach our target shortly,
ripple pump alone, while other big crypto still sleep from last night bullish run.
is there any news?
share at comment below.
btw, my teaching schedulle are heavy tonight, maybe I will offline for more than 12 hours.
If we reach triangle projection, and still have a strong bullish, our next target at fibonacci 1.618
20 like/support analysis on xrp,
13 like/support analysis at Eth,
25 like/support analysis at BTC,...
still far from my target,
statically its bad.
maybe I should reduce my time to providing analysis, and its time to retired ^_^
or post analysis one a week without any update.
so this is my last update for this week,.
see u next week.
Trade closed: target reached:
this analysis close,
target reach and dump after position close.

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