Most obvious buy in my cryptocareer! Ripple heading to the sun.

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Forget the moon, forget Bitcoin, forget Litecoin, Ripple is so heavily undervalued and might prepare for a trip to the sun.
The risk/reward on this asset is off the charts!


Where to even begin?
While Bitcoin has been getting all the attention last year or so, Ripple has been working in relative silence.
There has been a decent amount of good news, like the American Express partnership. But nothing yet to really start the engine.
That bit of news may have come today with the announcment from Nikkei. 37 banks is trailing Ripple, but the important part is that they will without a doubt use XRP.
The use of XRP with Ripple has been an uncertain element for many. Personally I never worried to much about it, but it's a legit concern.
"Eventually, the banks aim to send money by using Ripple's virtual currency, known as XRP, cutting costs an estimated 60% compared with conventional methods." Quote from article, and the reason why I never worried to much ;)

On December 7 we also got the 55million escrow. Which is known for some time but not totally priced in yet I believe.

So what else? There is lots to speculate about with Ripple.
The two main theories is Amazon & Uber partnership and Coinbase addition.
Both theories have some ground to them, and it makes sense. Ripples subreddit is the place to get more on it!
Nothing guaranteed but I think Ripple is a real good buy without those speculations so that's just icing on the cake!
Although, for Ripple to gain that extraordinary target I have set on chart within the timeframe, I would think atleast one of those theories has to come through.


So I am looking at that last run which provided an incredible 7411% return! If history where to repeat itself we could hit 14.84 USD! Though, I'll be out before that.
I am in on Ripple since last idea, where I bought with BTC hodlings (ohwell) with a price around 0.21 USD.
Ripple is a hard hodl for me. I aint selling until we reach atleast my target area, which is between 4.5 USD & 10 USD.
I'll probably sell out in portion if I get in that situation, but determining specific exit points now is useless for me as I usually go after fib levels.

But what I can see right now is that we have broken out of this long sideways wedge, and that tells me it's time to FOMO if your not already in!! :)
I said it was FOMO time! :)
That line got a little messed up, the 3.618 should be 0.49892.
Place sells right below for a nice daytrade!
Ripple looking good today. And I see many are looking for places to buy.
I draw up some levels for the very short term.
Hodling is my tactic with Ripple, but if you are looking to get in my support area would in my mind be a great place to do so.
If it should go up to the 1.618 in a very short term I will be looking to make a small daytrade.

We got some momentum!
It spiked down to my support area so hope you had orders if you wanted in on Ripple :)

Want to see something fun?
Take a look at the hot google searches today for XRP!
Currently at #8.
The herd is coming
Ripple is showing real strength today!!

I have been asked about new entry points by people who missed.
When I posted and it broke out of wedge it was an obvious buy. When it hit my previous support area it was a very nice place to buy.
But right now that question aint so easy. I will analyze and update with some new areas once the time is right.

However! I know there is some guys out there that don't believe in TA.
Take a look at my fib levels and tell me that TA don't work ;)

Are we looking to find some support?
Here is the levels I am looking at now :)

I want to say a big thank you for all the followers I have received today!
I'll do my best to keep updates at my ideas and publish new ones :)

So whats going on with Ripple now?
I think the chart is beautiful, and I see no reason why we can't go for the 1 USD resistance today/tomorrow. But keep in mind there should be relatively strong sell pressure in that area. There are some fibs as well as the phsyologial barrier that a round number as 1 USD provides.

Note: It's also very possible that we could go down to the the 0.5 of this last run.
Time will tell, but I am bullish.
I have been asked if I have a trading channel by many today, and I have wanted to make one for a long time. So why not today?

I need a good name, so kind people of Tradingview, any suggestions? :)
Aight guys! I have the channel ready :D
Thanks for all the name suggestions! I went with KoinWorld.
Check website or contact me if you are interested.

And what are Ripple doing?

I'm looking at a possible fakeout. But it could always go down again to find support. Remember that we have seen some large percentage gains within a short period of time.
However, I think we can see a good weekend with Ripple, maybe test my highest fib level at 1.82 USD. Time will tell :)

Alright new update! But its boring.
We are just going sideways but thats very healthy for the market and gives confidence for more upwards movement!
It can still go down to find support again.

I am getting a lot of members in the group I created yesterday :)
Thank you all for joining. If interested check out my page on it:
Looking bullish!
Just barely touched my support area for the second time.

Off to fight that 1 USD barrier.

If you want to see how many portfolio looks at all times.
I created this Portfolio-Spreadsheet.
my*, damn it.
Why cant we edit these comments like 10 sec or so after we post?
Bitcoin dragged the market down today, so no XRP fireworks.
But I would just stay patient.

Hope you stayed "patient" for 24 hours ;)

Should put up a fight against 1 USD. Short term resistance 1-1.03 (2.618fib)
Looks to be breaking resistance!
Nah it held for now.
Ripple looked incredibly strong today!
It's not an ordinary cryptocurrency and shouldnt be following the market to the same extent as rest of market either.
Aright guys, Ripple is mooning!!
So, time for an overdue update :)

First of, apologies for the silence.
Had to take some time of now in the holidays to load the batteries

Could Ripple overtake Bitcoin in marketcap?
Sure, why not. I'm gonna sell if it happens but I could definetly see it going temporarely above it at least :)

Normally I could have been tempted to decrease my position here, meeting fib lines right now. And when your up 810% on something it's never a bad idea to take some profit off the table!

However, I don't see any reason to sell quite yet so I'm gonna wait atleast until my first target area on chart above.
Read this reddit post to see why ;)[/url
Couldn't gather enough strength to reach my short term area, but alright, time to go even higher :)

Still very bullish on XRP! I would recommend to keep updated at their reddit page and read through the already existing rumours and happenings :)
My target area was laughed at by many, now we are incredibly close!

About to test my 4.618 fib right now. Think we might see some resistance there.
I know I always mention it, but use those fib lines! Very often gives perfect exits and can be used to daytrade :)

Ripple is awesome for daytrading! Fairly easy to find support & resistance levels :)

We had a small correction like I hoped for. Let's resume the sun mission asap though!
Have been reading through the big Coinbase question!
They are projected to add XRP. Today they gave out this blog post.
"As of the date of this statement, we have made no decision to add additional assets to either GDAX or Coinbase. Any statement to the contrary is untrue and not authorized by the company."

Like they said with Bitcoin Cash.
Maybe they are afraid of getting accused of insider trading again.
I don't believe them, I think we will see Ripple on Coinbase within this month.
To make it fun. I bet that before 20 February either:
A. Ripple Add (65%)
B. Another Coin (10%)
C. No Coin (25%)

Who is gonna get the 100k view? :D

Thanks for all the love guys!
Last prediction almost played out exactly as drawn!
But just almost, we are now looking at some possible sideways action for the next days. Overall Ripple is still looking very bullish to me :)

Had to remove some of the earlier writings and stuff so it was possible to see.
Time to zoom out and look at some new levels here!

Blood in the streets today! :(

Looks like XRP is breaking support this very minute. Let's see if it goes down to 1 USD.
I'll be a buyer in that area :)

Oh yes! Ripple bouncing nicely, and I was able to pick up some more precious XRP at 1 USD :D

This is why you just hold on to your XRP :)

In my supply area now, should face strong resistance, but you never know.
I have sold the XRP I was able to pick up at 1 USD for very nice profit.
The rest I am not touching for a GOOD amount of time :)

Not bad ;P

Picking up a few XRP again at this price for a quick trade.
Not touching my core XRP hodlings!

Looking good!

Quick trade was succesful, sold at 1.405 USD.
Next resistance at 1.55 USD!

Let's zoom out and have a look for the next months
XRP is a good bet at these levels.
It's the coin I am going to have the most difficulty selling if we get more major increases. Such a likely winner for the next couple years.

Please read my blog post "Kryptokelly's Plan For 2018" to get updated on what I'm doing :)
- Portfolio moved to website.
- Telegram Channel open for everybody. (
- Track Record added on website.
Ripple performing well today! Let's have a look at the 1H.

Heard about Bibox before? Me and Koinworld got in yesterday.
Please read my blog post: "Bibox exchange is looking bullish! #10usd"


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