XRP to 10$ and beyond

XRP setting up for explosive price in the end of the year, like it has done the last two bitcoin cycles.
We can see across the board how the SEC have started moving and going after other crypto projects. Ripple have been in this position since December when SEC decided to go after them, could they be the first to find clarity before everyone else? Or will the industry finally support it?
What happens if there is clarity & when exchanges have to re-list it again?

I believe price will go up either way because of how XRP is positioned in the cycle and how the market is forming with bullish structure.
Comment: How I'm planing on locking in profit. Just like two last cycle tops.
Comment: $XRPBTC aligning with this and at lows.
Comment: Adding further to the stop-loss example. Different cryptos at their respective top in 2017/2018.
Catching the ultimate top is all about luck!
Instead having a plan where to scale-OUT of your position is vital to locking in the profit.

Only relying on indicators such as Fibonacci is not enough! But Price action movements is consistent throughout time and markets, therefore higher probability to follow.

If you want to be even more aggressive then this you might want to close the position when your channel is broken, but drawing trendlines can always be subjective and vary, that's why I find this approach suitable for me(locking in behind daily HL's)

(IMPORTANT don't disregard my explanation above WHEN to lock in profit)