Trading is the best business ever. (X-MAS SPECIAL)

Hello my dear crypto friends, hope you're doing well guys! ;)

In this special Christmas episode, we're going to go over 2 trading setups with Ripple & EOS , and I'm going to show you why technical analysis works & why trading is the best business in the world.

Have fun watching & have great holidays! ;)

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About myself: Global citizen & early Bitcoin adopter from Germany. I invested in the 2nd rally in 2013.
Comment: Guys, after reading a few comments, let me tell you this: Educational videos like these are 100x more important than any projection I make. I'm giving you information about how to fish in this video. Esp. recaps like in the case of Ripple, where the trade turns against you, are extremely valuable to understand, and to know, how you can act in that situation.

If you're instead waiting for someone to feed you/ screaming for signals, and never make independent decisions on your own: My channel is the wrong one. There are enough Moon boys & Fud boys out there, they will give you signals on a constant basis. So in that case, please refer to those.

On my channel, I will help you to analyse & understand TA by yourself. Thank you for your understanding.