Ripple, or the last one of dinosaurs

Hello everyone and welcome on my new publication.

As you have seen for 4 days cryptocurrencies have suffered a crack. With Bitcoin leading with more than 10% drop.
The only cryptocurrencie to have escaped this trend is Ripple, indeed since mid September the Ripple remains in the range 0.58061 and 0.38323, it is extremely positive more because XRP has experienced a sharp rise in September.

Forecasts, XRP should stabilize and contract its course in the coming weeks, given that it remains highly coordinated with Bitcoin , a return to the upside is only possible if the Bitcoin stabilizes and or makes a pull back to the top.

Thank you for reading my post, hoping it was helpful.

"Warning: This publication is not an investment advice, it's only my personal opinion. My publication was created from my acquaintances who have been growing for 2 years."