XRPUSD goldencross now official!

As I said in my previous idea yesterday, we were 1 day away from the 1 day chart's goldencross on xrpusd and it has now officially crossed. The market tried to shake some weak hands with a solid bear trap last night but I know all those who understand the utility and value of xrp did nothing but hodl through it. Well done all he held as now the daily candle has flipped to green giving us 7 green daily candles in a row. This should just be the start of xrpusd's bullrun. There is still a chance that we could close a daily candle or 2 as red candles in the coming days, but our weekly candle is currently a big green bullish engulfing candle and as long as it stays that way by candle close probability very highly favors that we continue our direction upwards. Also on the weekly chart(not shown here) we have closed 2 consecutive weekly candles above the heavy resistance of the weekly 50ma. XRP is behaving exactly how btc did when it first closed a couple weekly candles above its weekly 50ma. It acted like it may dip back under for a second but then had its huge blastoff. If XRP behaves the same way we could see is huge breakout by the next weekly candle. XRPBTC should start to make strides and gains as well along with it.