XRPUSD is the world of fractals.

XRPUSD is the world of fractals. I would like to draw your attention to an excellent newspaper article. The author of the article is Andrew McElroy, an experienced and professional trader. He writes that fractals have been one of the descriptive equations of natural processes since ancient times. These fractals can also be discovered in stock wave movements. In practice, fractals are nothing more than "evolving waveforms" that are closely related to each other. The shape of the two fractals is similar, their size changes during development. In nature, fractals can be used to describe the development of tree branches, the veining of tree leaves, the seed coat of a sunflower flower .... etc. But let’s get back to the stock chart. The interior of the fractals is made up of wave sequences. Their size is proportional to the size of the "carrier fractal". The most common phenomenon is when the resulting fractal is twice the original fractal . This can be determined by comparing the sequence of the initial fractal inner wave with the sequence of the resulting fractal wave. If the resulting wave sequence is double the initial fractate wave sequence, then the resulting fractal will also be double the initial fractal . I hope I have understood so far :) Because from a stock market standpoint, the point is now. In the event that we can accurately identify the emerging and emerging fractal , we are much more likely to be able to identify future motion. This will make the target price of our traditions, the placement of STOP, but even the money manager much more successful. Nor is it a forward-looking glass sphere. But it is a natural descriptive law that has been with us since the creation of the world and is used by the mathematical foundations of plenty of co-science. Let’s get back to our specific instrument, XRPUSD. Here is the exact system of rules of said fractal formation. The shape of the initial fractal is visible and the shape of the fractal now being formed is visible. The two fractals are similar, but the size of the now emerging fractal is twice the size of the initial fractal . The relationship between internal wave sequences is also twofold. Therefore, we assume that the wave sequences in the fractal under construction will also form an accumulation range (yellow square) but will be exactly double the size of the initial accumulation range.
In summary, XRPUSD builds a fractal sequence. It is currently moving in an ascending phase. From the current level, price movements could rise by 179%. The target price for XRPUSD is 0.58978 usd
Good luck and Happy New Year to everyone.