XRP is long for me.
After the BTC retested ATH , I think is now the time for XRP to do same..
I see that price will retrace and probably gonna create some support as mentioned on chart..
Then will fly upwards....

This is not Investment advice,, is for educational purposes only.....


Dont think its going to .40. I think we can hold at .50 and take off from there, hopefully!
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ELFXgroup XRPShark
@XRPShark, yes it could be possible, maybe 0.48 is stronger support.
Also if we look at monthly candle we see that the actual candle is creating a liquidity wick downside, I want the actual monthly candle to close bearish with a wick downside then next monthly candle to break the high of December monthly candle, I believe it will be awesome...
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