XRP Golden Cross Inbound?

Looks like we may get a golden crossing of the EMA's on XRP here as the bears do what bears do every time this beauty tries to shine. As a long bag HODL'er, I've got a personal stash that I'll literally hold to zero, no me importa, but maybe the Jed effect is in play as we battle over the $1.00 line. I'd like to think that top wick will engulf but we've got a quasi harmonic effect in play as well that looks bearish . ETH really gave us all a bump so cheers to Ethereum and the new EIP :)

XRP Army!
Trade active: X! . . R! . . P!!!!!!!!! . . or "pehh" as Gensler likes to say lol . . but what does Gartley say? Hopefully nothing buuuut . . we DO have a golden cross so there's that :)
Trade active: Umm . . uhh . . Wow? . . I love (hate, love) you XRP!!!!
Trade active: I've developed a keen skepticism regarding XRP and I've learned not to get my hopes up too much. It's a bit toppy here folks, Jed McCaleb is supposed to be out of it in September from what I recall and there's been considerable inflows to exchanges. XRP is known for some MASSIVE red candle action after runs and I know we've got at least one epic beat down on tap, hopefully the last but I'm banking on a flash wick liq and then off to the moon foreverrrr . .
Trade active: Note : I don't usually trade XRP (long term HODLer) but this latest run gave me us some really nice action. I know that if I pop into a position here and get burned short term, I'll just hold and wait for it because it's like Rocky and keeps coming back for more. Anyway, another scalp met and may re-enter if it rallies further.