Ripple, XRP, SEC and the FUD of the century - My final idea.


SEC's price suppression on XRP is coming to an end as it is rumoured that SEC employees and whales have already bought as much as they could at low prices.

Earlier this year the defence case for the San Francisco firm had looked dead in the water with maximum FUD, haters clapped and weak hands sold, according to crypto observers.

The SEC file its lawsuit a few days before Christmas 2020, claiming its founders were selling it's product, imagine that? a company selling products is something unheard about until now. They also stated its founders were getting rich, something unheard also.

Now, six months on and after series of bruising battles, it appears the odds are now with Ripple Hodlers.


Dear TradingViewers, so this is my last and final idea, it was fun while it lasted but my humour is not for everyone and I keep getting banned in here, thanks for everyone's likes and comments, all the best.