XRP not quite got the strength of the mighty BTC

We made brilliant move out the right angled triangle on XRP as BTC more brilliantly pumped into new territory earlier
XRP not quite got the strength of BTC where I mean BTC is in price discovery and XRP is still in the shadow of its previous high - 0.8 but...
I think this brake back into an uptrend means we should move to 0.80 minimum, it is just going to take time
Intial TP regions here at the 50 EMA , 0.61 and 0.8 as major resistance levels, then depending on the size of your bag hold for higher heights
As BTC hopefully can accumulate just above and around 20K, we can hopefully see altcoins push on nicely
This will be when XRP and the likes of EOS , NEO etc. should get some proper volume pumped into them!