Possible Trend reversal on XRP (poisons BTC as well but no 100%)

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Since for the last few days we’ve seen a major trend reversal going from the bull week into a bear start of the week I started wondering when would it end, the answer wasn’t clear until today. I’ve been looking at cipher a (credit to VuManChu) for the trend reversal confirmation but it was always false ones (I’d get long signal but there wasn’t a clear trend reversal as market was making LL&LH) but that was until today when the market mad a new LH but then price didn’t drop instead it made HL, I then looked at the cipher b (credit to VuManChu) and it appeared that trend waves were becoming smaller and the money flow became less red. I did quick TA (the one you see in the graph) and realised that we might’ve hit the market bottom. Right now the confirmation for that would be market making HH if that happens I’m expecting neutral area (Bull Box) to appear within 24-48 hours and then for the price to continue going up if that happens so my TA would appear to be correct. But do not take this post as a financial advise and do your own TA.
Thanks for reading, and suggest what you think of it in the comments.