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We have waited patiently for this moment. Crypto, quite honestly, has just been annoying lately. But finally, XRP has touched my support and target down for re-entry at 58 cents. My buy order was triggered at .585 to be exact and I plan to hold this to at least the .995 target and potentially $1.17.

Take a look at the RSI. Notice the RED TL. You could have traded XRP on this indicator alone and made massive profits. And for the most part, my followers and I have entered at those touch locations with a few exceptions.

Anyway, today is your lucky day. Why? Because we are just about to hit that RED TL on the RSI once again. I'm a bit early in my entry just b/c I has my buy set at .585 and it was triggered. But ideally, I would have hoped the touch of the red TL would coincide with a price of .58 cents. I think over the next day or two you all will see that happen. AND. You just might be able to enter at a better price than I have.

Best of luck to you all!

I thought it would be courteous to come back to TV and update each one of my trades as during the last flash crash I was simultaneously ban by TradingView for accidentally violating House Rules by inadvertently mentioning where you could keep up to date on all of my trades. I have to be more careful on this platform and will work my best to carefully avoid references in my posts and videos.

Anyways, it was definitely an inconvenient time to be banned as I had to leave all of my TV peeps hanging. Long story short: I was stopped out of most of my previous trades and ended up re-entering at a lower price. I expected a much bigger bounce from my trades as almost all of them were (and still are) in deeply oversold territory on the RSI. Nonetheless, I don't expect to exit again until we at least get a bit of a bounce and exit oversold territory on the RSI charts.

Below you will find my new entry price (where red turns green), my initial target and my initial stop limit. All of these are subject to change as time goes and I continue to re-assess price action.

This is not financial advice. Just showing you all what I am doing here.


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