XRP/USDT 4 Hour Ascending scallop

We are have completed a Minor set of Descending scallops and now should see a trend reversal into a set of Minor Ascending scallops. These two Minor sets will complete the Sub Major Ascending scallop. Currently we are creating the rounded bottom of the Sub Major Ascending scallop.

This move is correlating well with the impending XRP snapshot for the Flare airdrop. If you are participating in the drop please consider security above all else. There will be a lot of scammers out trying to take people's coin and the event could tempt some hackers to hit exchanges. Just wanted to let everyone know that Nexo is going to support the XRP airdrop and they utilize multi-signature cold wallet storage and your assets are insured up to 100 million dollars not to mention you will gain 5% daily interest for as long as you hold XRP in an account with them. This is the safest option for the airdrop with the next best option being Kraken. An interesting tactic I used was to deposit my XRP into NEXO which then gave me an instant credit line to borrow against I then purchased even more XRP and deposited them into the same account. With 5.9% interest I am confident that $8 for a month won't eat into my profits too much ;) We have all been waiting to see XRP shine and this is the just the beginning.

If you agree throw me a like and follow me for new ideas and concepts that can yield healthy gains. Take care and thank you for the support.

Also, stay on the lookout for my Youtube channel which is under construction now and will have the first videos released before the first of the year.
Comment: Added one more size to the designations and zoomed out to the day chart. I then found a fractal that we will be a good template for what to expect if everything goes right.