NASDAQ:XSPA   XpresSpa Group, Inc
I have been noticing that many promising companies that are likely to do very well in the case of a re-opening of the economy and a value rotation are being suppressed via short-selling pressure, while being accumulated. IMO, the rotation is about to happen.

The House just passed $1.9T Stimulus.

I have a good feeling that institutional bears will have a hard time indeed defending short positions next 1-2 weeks.

- Health and wellness company:

"leading global health and wellness holding company. XpresSpa Group’s core asset, XpresSpa, is a leading airport retailer of spa services and related health and wellness products, with 45 locations in 23 airports globally. Through its XpresTest, Inc. subsidiary, the Company provides COVID-19 screening and testing under the XpresCheck™ brand at eight locations in six airports: Denver International Airport, JFK International Airport, Boston Logan International Airport (2), Newark Liberty International Airport (2), Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, and Salt Lake City International Airport." - Yahoo Finance

- Signed a contract with Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority for a pop-up facility for COVID-19 testing.
- Speculated government contract for COVID-19 vaccine distribution.
- Similar play to $ATOS, my previous idea for vaccine play.
- It is possible that COVID-19 will be endemic, and long-term medical services will be needed to deal with it.

- The support and trend is downwards to do price suppression via short-selling, but seems to have bottomed, and attempted to breakout over the median line .
- Elliot Wave's wave 4 can cross into wave 1 territory in such a trend. Likely to see some sort of diagonal, as short sellers attempt to defend their position during the raid.
- MACD confirms bottom and reversal, if not now then imminent.

- As of Feb. 8, 18M shares short, out of 69M shares float.
- 19% borrowing rate.
- Quite a high call OI on 3/19 options over $3 (50k~), 5M shares to be bought back. Gamma squeeze material.
- Shorts already covering, uptrend is imminent:

Date Close High Low Volume Short Volume % of Vol Shorted
Feb 26 NA NA NA 2,659,935 785,378 29.53
Feb 25 NA NA NA 3,295,996 968,001 29.37
Feb 24 NA NA NA 2,787,256 841,241 30.18
Feb 23 NA NA NA 5,576,190 1,740,551 31.21
Feb 22 NA NA NA 4,498,998 1,704,656 37.89
Feb 19 NA NA NA 2,640,652 914,759 34.64
Feb 18 NA NA NA 3,342,770 1,802,603 53.93
Feb 17 NA NA NA 3,362,443 1,657,351 49.29
Feb 16 NA NA NA 6,861,178 3,563,784 51.94

- TP1: 3.00
- Wave 3 PT: 5.27
- SL: 0.54
- RRR: 3.73
- Wave 5 PT: 7.80+


my friend ! if you have a chance would you mind looking into this one? I believe it is currently being added to Russell 2000 and today there was a huge volume Spike. I would love to hear if this might should validate your point as n opening play. you da best GLHF :D