At long last, finally at once, twice the dice, flip in the flop.

TezosNetwork Updated   
It's in the name lads, we here, we living, we trying to find the shine of the dime, and here it is, may Tezpoop bless us with it's magical move to the UPSIDE of course.

Trade active:
Alright, no more goofy goobers, let's get to the details.

Minor resistance is around $1.20, aka the 61.8% Fib, but honestly I expect the next impulse to break through it, so the next region we're looking at is around $1.40-1.47.

I expect price to reject from that zone, but if we form a bullish consolidation, then we may see the price push higher to the $2 area, which is literally a magnet of a magnet. There is a 0% chance we do NOT head there in the near term, so any buy right now is a big big sale. Either way, $2 is major resistance, but it's where the price will want to go, that's where it'll suck up most of the liquidity.
We got the nice impulse break of $1.20 today, which is very good, we hit the monthly 21 EMA + Tenkan, as well as the 0.786 Fib at $1.30. It's possible we hang around here for a bit before a continuation, but I do see the $1.40 region being retest in the near term, though a retest of around $1.20 is still possible, esp if we're considering liquidity wicks.
Trade closed manually:
We've reached our target area of around $1.41, so this trade is now closed, but it's possible we do move a bit higher into the zone between $1.41-1.45. There will be other opportunities and Tezos will likely see more upside in the near future, but for now it's best to take some profits and sit on the sidelines to see what Tezos will do, because it can very likely move sideways and give us a better bid in the next few days.
Trade closed: target reached:
Edit: Just changing it from closed manually to target reached.
Although the trade is finished I'll keep updating it for a bit since we're in a consolidation. But first, shuusshheeeeshh did we get a nice wick into $1.20 after reaching our target of $1.41, this is why you follow the rules and don't get greedy. I called the $1.41 target as well as the possible retest of $1.20 in my updates above, both of which occurred.

What do now? No fear, I'll show you da way. If you have a position, just hang on tight, the bounce was quite strong and we're still in an uptrend, if you do not have a position, you best hope for a retest of around $1.25 or so, because it's possible it won't go lower than that for now. The other region you can place a bid would be around $1.35, it seems to be a proper level, though this one is much more lower timeframe and if we touch it, it needs to be quick and then we rip off above $1.41. Anyways, thank me for update okay bye.
Trade active:
Purrrfect, perfect, proofect, puffrettt /\/\\

Would you look at that, the price has come down to our buy area of $1.25 (from the previous update), it even touched the $1.35 zone previously and bounced to $1.60, which was a decent swing, but it did not have enough conviction.

BUT, now that we've reached $1.25, I am more confident in another setup now, which is that we will range between here and $1.42 before we inevitably push higher into the $1.75 to $2.00 region in the near, but also distant future.
Trade closed: target reached:
It's really that simple guys, for the 2nd time in a row we've touched the lower end of the zone and bounced straight to the top of the zone, it's free real estate.

Now that we're at the bottom of the zone again, what's the plan? Simple, BUY BUY BUY!!
Breakout Breakout!! I repeat, Tezos is breaking out of the right side of my arrow maze, which means, UP UP UP, like the movie no joke I'm for real ~ bum bum bum ba dum dum da dum bhzzzz.

It's happening soon guys, I feel it, I sense it. Up upon my veins, just a little rain, no shame to be insane when the boar sang poet, I hol it, all flow in no controls it, yuh. L337 4s in naw cap dong slappa we frizzin it ain't chizzin butta finger up a theatre we witnessin choppa choppa, uppa uppa, golden candle, $5 Tezoooo!
Trade active:
Tezos will be one of the best performing Altcoins in the comings months, you heard it here first!

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