Sfunny that i never published zcoin chart here on my tradingview account, because it should've got my attention and my priorities to chart this one, but, screw that. Let's make this come to life.

I consider XZC as one of the bluechip out there actually, just minus volatile market because all this chart do on the price is bearish the whole year. So people stay away and actually waiting for the best time to get in. I say, it can be now!

This coin mineable and has 21,400,000 max supply with only less than 6 million of em are on circulating and with $57,954,338 total market cap at the current moment, Zcoin is ranked #103.

The chart looks pretty much bottom plus it was bearish the whole year all the way down. The fundamental is great and being listed on many big exchanges which mean it will backed up it's exposure.

Short term target is 0.002232 as it was achieved recently and looking forward to revisit that level anytime soon. For longer time frame player, I use fibonacci as my guidelines, you can use it too for targets.

I will post a closer look later on.

If all of these ideas I posted helps you, give them thumbs up, shares, comments and follow me. If you have a suggestion, just fill in the comment sections or message me. Looking forward to hear from you all. Thanks a lot!

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Comment: closer look with one more short term target.

Comment: Nice catch right?