ZRXUSD - Bollinger bands compression - being long ?

Trend context (in weekly)
From April 2019, we are in a descending range.
We are currently at the bottom of this range (the pattern already happened twice in this range).

Technical analysis (in daily)
Bollinger bands are horizontal: volatility is stable but we can expect a move up or down.
I would go for a big move up (I’m also expecting a big volumes candle, as it’s decreasing since middle of March constantly).

RSI is in sellers zone (< 45), but I would expect end of the “sellers time" which lasts since beginning of March.

Order type BTC price ($) Profit (%) K used for trade (%)
BUY 0.164653 100%
TP 1 0.168552 2.37% 25%
TP 2 0.228692 38.89% 25%
TP 3 0.281981 71.26% 25%
TP 4 0.348305 111.54% 25%
SL 0.159498 -3.13% 100%
Hedging SL 0.16 -0.79% (if TP 1 is taken, this is our new SL. If this SL is hit, we won't loose any capital in this trade)

PS: I took the COINBASE ZRXUSD chart because the descending range is clearly visible on this one, but I will enter in this trade on BINANCE ZRXUSDT with almost the same entry and profit prices.
Trade active: Buy price filled $0.1647

Stop loss: $0.1595
First take profit TP1: $0.1680
Comment: First Take Profit taken: target $0.1680 (taking back 25% of capital)
New Stop Loss for hedging position: $0.1645
Next Take Profit target: $0.2286
Trade closed: stop reached: Hedging stop loss reached: $0.1645

Performance: $0