ZYXI ready to fly

NASDAQ:ZYXI   Zynex, Inc
I believe ZYXI is ready to fly.

- 3 months consolidation, consistently finding support around the $13 mark
- Broke out of negative trendline on 16th December
- Broke out of flat bottom on 6th January
- Formed a cup (duration of nearly 2 months; around 13% depth)
- Today it's completing the handle
- RSI is consistently rising since 3rd November
- Daily MACD is positive albeit a bit week
- Weekly MACD is just entering positive territory and looking very bullish
- Volume has been on the rise over the past few days
- It's quite heavily shorted, so once it pops it should deliver a strong short squeeze

On a side note, ZYXI's fundamentals are very strong, which I personally find encouraging.

Would love to hear your thoughts and critique, I'm new to trading (this is my first analysis, so be kind! ;-) and can definitely learn a lot, so any comments to help me improve are very welcome.