Lines and Table for risk management

This is a simple indicator that can help you manage the risk when you are trading, and especially if you are leverage trading. The indicator can also be used to help visualize and to find trades within a suitable or predefined trading range.

This script calculates and draws six “profit and risk lines” (levels) that show the change in percentage from the current price. The values are also shown in a table, to help you get a quick overview of risk before you trade.

This indicator draws seven percentage-lines, where the dotted line in the middle represents the current price. The other three lines on top of and below the middle line shows the different levels of change in percentage from current price (dotted line). The values are also shown in a table.

By default the indicator draw lines 0.5%, 1.0%, and 1.5% from current price (step size = 0.5).
The default setting for leverage in this indicator = 1 (i.e. no leverage).
The line closest to dotted line (current price) is calculated by step size (%) * leverage (x) = % from price.
Pay attention to the %-values in the table, they represent the distance from the current price (dotted line) to where the lines are drawn.

* Be aware! If you change the leverage, the distance from the closest lines to the dotted line showing the current price increase.

1. Leverage: set the leverage for what you are planning to trade on (1 = no leverage, 2 = 2 x leverage, 5 = 5 x leverage...).
2. Stepsize is used to set the distance between the lines and price.

1) Leverage = 1 (no leverage, default setting) and step size 0.5 (%). Lines plotted at (0.5%, 1%, 1.5%, and –0.5%, –1%, –1,5%) from the current price.
2) Leverage = 3 and stepsize 0.5(%). Lines plotted at (1.5%, 3.0%, 4.5%, and –1.5%, –3.0%, –4.5%) from the current price.
3) Leverage = 3 and stepsize 1(%). Lines plotted at (3%, 6%, 9%, and –3%, –6%, –9%) from the current price.

The distance to the nearest line from the current price is always calculated by the formula: Leverage * step size (%) = % to the nearest line from the current price.

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