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This strategy is a combination of multiple different trend identifying and mean reversion indicators. It aims to work on all Bybit Crypto/USD pairs on the hourly time frame. It works on other time frames but not to the same levels of success. I've tried to keep it as simple as possible by making the indicator flash or alert when a long/short entry has been identified, and also when long/short exit criteria has been met. Make sure to wait until the candle has closed and the indicator has finished forming otherwise you could get jumpy alerts. To clarify this is what you need to look out for:

1 = Long Signal
-1 = Short Signal
2 = Long/Short exit (this will only flash when a position is currently open)

I've also colour coded the signals to make it even simpler and even prettier.

Any questions/issues/suggestions let me know.

Please enjoy!
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hello your strategy is really awesome!!One regret is that this strategy does not know the signal ahead of time. Sharing a script is probably impossible, so can you make a strategy to an indicator and upload it? Please. I just want to get the alert earlier
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This is great but how does it know you are in a trade in order to flash 2?
@VikingIron, here's a snippet of code:

LongTradeInPosition = strategy.position_size > 0 ? true : false
ShortTradeInPosition = strategy.position_size < 0 ? true : false

Hope this helps!
Is this strategy no longer available?
@Eseolmyo, What do you mean no longer available? Feel free to add to your chart to assist trading.
Eseolmyo BlockchainSpecialists
@BlockchainSpecialists, There are no alerts on 1day time frame after dec,2020. But now i saw it working. Thank you for your answer.