Scalp God (top and bottom finder) (SATURN)

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I am very happy to present the Tradingview community the first of my new line of powerful indicators.
This is the SCALP GOD. It will clearly label market tops and bottoms for you, if you are scalping and looking to open or close a position this indicator will mark the local highs and lows for you. Or if you are a swing trader this can also give good signals as this indicator works on any pair and any timeframe! When you see the chart turning green you know for sure that a market top is forming, if the chart is turning red you know for sure a market bottom is forming. It is sometimes the absolute top or bottom and sometimes just an important local top or bottom. PM me if you find a better top & bottom indicator because I am trying to make this better than everything out there.

It absolutely can not repaint under any circumstances.

There are a few inputs for you to think about here:

-First is the length, this just decides how many previous bars to consider, making it longer will focus on more historical information while making shorter will make it focus on what has recently happened. 12 seems to be a good value, but it's not as important as the next two options.

-Next is the threshold value, setting it very low will mean that signals will get triggered very quickly, while a higher threshold will take more movement to trigger.

-Last and most important is the sensitivity value. A lower value here will make the signals much more sensitive and therefore able to flip and trigger faster. A higher sensitivity value will make the signals less sensitive and harder to flip, meaning that it will only look for movements that agree with the longer term trend. This is great for swing traders and scalpers that go with the trend.

-There is also a smoothening option, this will make it so the signals don't come on and off so much. Sometimes this will not be good for timing, but other times it will be a more certain signal for traders specifically looking for where the top or bottom ends.

It gets better because I added several of these indicators into one script, so if there is a particular set of sensitivities and thresholds that you like you can look at them all on the same chart without opening so many copies of this. To turn on an additional copy just check the "Sensitivity # On" box.

Everyone can try this for free for 3 days and after that it will be 0.025 BTC for lifetime use and this will include all future updates to this project. This is Project Saturn and this is the first indicator from a new series of indicators that will be coming out over the next year.

Hopefully this makes a lot of you rich! I'm very excited to see all of the uses people make with it.
Happy trading & good health!

Release Notes: Hey everyone I am very excited for this update of the scalp god! Thanks to the feedback of the community I was able to make some improvements to the indicator that have made it so much better, that it has even surprised me. There were 3 main things that I kept hearing from the previous version that I will address here for version 2.

1. The scalp god signals way too much in trends before the market reaches its top or bottom:

To get around this I have worked on something to remove all but the best of the best scalp god signals that the user can choose. This is called the "Significance". When the Significance is set to 0 you have the older version of the scalp god, as you turn the Significance up you will see that it will start removing some of the weaker signals and start to only leave the market top and bottom, no longer signaling so much in trends. If you are using this for scalping you can also see how meaningful the signals you're getting by toggling this value to a desired level.

2. There's no alerts!

Well now there is! Go to the alert window and you can choose to get alerts when you're entering or leaving a market top or bottom.

3. It turns on and off too much:

This can now be controlled with the "Smoothening" value. Leaving this at 0 means that the scalp god will not be smoothed at all and will be highly sensitive, as you increase this value you can see the scalp god being smoothed as much as reasonable.

I took away the five levels of sensitivity and only left one for everyone since most people only cared about one level at a time. The "Sensitivity" and "Threshold" values still behave the same as before, if you decrease them they will present you with more opportunities of local tops and bottoms. This can also be very beneficial now when you set them very low (0.5 and 0.5 for example) and turn up the significance.

You can get lifetime use of this indicator on tradingview for 0.075 btc; when version 3 comes out it will turn into subscription based, but everyone who is in this version is grandfathered in for life!

It is a very valuable skill to be patient with yourself, others, and the market, but if you are using the scalp god you won't have to develop so much patience with the market when you know what is happening.
Happy trading everyone!
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