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Frequently Asked Questions

Verge / Tether (XVG) reached the lowest price of 0.00000903 USDT on Sep 23, 2019.
See the list of crypto losers to find unexpected opportunities.
Verge / Tether (XVG) reached its highest price on Jan 9, 2018 — it amounted to 0.24900000 USDT.
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You can discuss Verge / Tether (XVG) with other users in our public chats, Minds or in the comments to Ideas.
The safest choice when buying XVG is to go to a well-known crypto exchange. Some of the popular names are Binance, Coinbase, Kraken. But you'll have to find a reliable broker and create an account first. You can trade XVG right from TradingView charts — just choose a broker and connect to your account.