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Trend reversal at BTCUSD?

Given the massive depreciation of Bitcoin against the USD, it is time to think long-term and hard about where the journey is headed. Bitcoin is still in its downtrend. For five waves (1-5), it went down between the green support line and the red resistance line of the channel. On February 27, 2018, it changed the channel and is heading South between the red ...

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Chilling on the way down

The Pivot Point system is very close together. Not much momentum right now. Over the Easter holidays, there will be only weak trading volumes and may be no price movements or even erratic movements without direction. On the longer term, the price of Bitcoin will remain falling with erratic movements, but always below the blue dashed line.

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BTCUSD, 240 Short
Following the established downtrend.

BTCUSD is bearish right now. It will drop to the double top target of 6852 with erratic breaks. Next lower targets are 6000 and 5511. The bearish scenario remains valid as long as BTCUSD is below Pivot point.

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The Bitcoin bubble is collapsing

The long sideways movement of BTCUSD got a new direction. It is heading south. The wide range of the Pivot point system lets us assume a fast decline to 6000 and 5511. As long as the price of Bitcoin is below Pivot point, the bearish scenario remains valid.

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Will BTCUSD break out of the sideways trend today?

We will see another test of the red dashed upper borderline of the down channel and the support line S1 at 8486. The sideways trend remains intact until the support level S1 will be broken. There is a target of the double top formation at 6852. The overall sentiment remains bearish as long as BTCUSD is below Pivot point.

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Bitcoin is just hanging about.

BTCUSD is still goofing around the upper borderline (red dashed line) of the down channel. It is also near Pivot point (9267) and we expect another day of sideways movement.

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More sideways movement.

Yesterday, the expected start of the major down move did not happen. It seems that BTCUSD will test the resistance at 10128 once again.

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BTCUSD, 30 Short
The calm before the storm

BTCUSD returned into the down channel . After a minor correction, there is momentum to the downside again. Pivot point is at 8982. As long as the price of Bitcoin remains below Pivot point , the bearish scenario is valid. The next targets are the support levels S1 and S2 at 8457 and 8146. The long-term target is still 5511.

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BTCUSD, 30 Short
Down trend established

BTCUSD broke out or the blue triangle and it returned into the down channel. There is momentum to the downside. Pivot point is at 9479. As long as the price of Bitcoin remains below Pivot point, the bearish scenario is valid. The next targets are the support levels S1 and S2 at 8846 and 8392.

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BTCUSD is still locked inside a sideways trend.

The daily chart is still locked in a sideways channel between 9280 and 11788. Watch out for an outbreak of this channel. Pivot point is at 10070.

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Zero Momentum

We have to remember, that there are three directions in a technical chart analysis: bullish, bearish and sideways. To get the big picture, I analyze the monthly chart of Bitcoin today. We realize that on the monthly chart, the down channel is not yet broken. Furthermore, the last three months closes are approximately in the middle (blue square) of the high and ...

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No Momentum, just sideways movement.

Good Morning. BTCUSD is still in a sideways channel. There is not much momentum in either direction. Pivot Point is at 11366, right in the middle of the sideways channel.

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BTCUSD, 30 Short
The price of Bitcoin almost drew a cup… Almost.

BTCUSD is still within its sideways movement. A little bit up, a little bit down, but no direction. Slowly, slowly it was drawing a cup, a long awaited bullish signal. However, it seems that this cup will not be completed. Right now, BTCUSD is climbing along the green dotted uptrend-line, touching the blue curve twice within this uptrend. However, it is still far ...

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GBPUSD, 240 Short
GBPUSD will drop to 1.33

A double top was created and GBPUSD is breaking out of the triangle. Expext a fast drop to 1.33.

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Sideways movement still prevails

BTCUSD is still fluctuating around the red dashed downtrend line. This sideward movement will probably continue until BTCUSD touches the blue curve again and reflects upwards. There is a quadruple support (blue circle) that will keep BTCUSD above the blue curve: 1. Support level S1 at 10029. 2. Support level 10128. 3. The blue curve. 4. The blue, thin, dotted ...

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Keep your’s cool

The red dashed down trendline, which is also the upper borderline of the channel, is of the past. The price of Bitcoin is above that important trendline. Resistance R1 at 10902 was also tested, but could not yet be sustainably overcome. I expect a retracement and another test of the red dashed down trendline. The double support of the red dashed down trendline and ...

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Bitcoin gained new momentum

The price of Bitcoin seems to have found its direction up South. However, there is a strong double resistance right now: the red dashed upper border of the channel and resistance R1 at 10’720. I expect that BTCUSD will fluctuate that level for a while. I have no open trade right now. I stay still at the sideline. I will start a new trade once hurdling resistance ...

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At the crossroad

I have no open trade right now. I stay at the sideline. The price of Bitcoin still has no direction. While I expected after breaking the 10128 support level two days ago that the down movement will get more momentum, the opposite was true. Will BTCUSD follow the blue curve? Will there be an outbreak on the upper side of the channel in a few days? Will BTCUSD ...

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