Slow Moving Abaxx Tech Is About To Shine

OTC:ABXXF   ABAXX Technologies Inc
The Company:
Abaxx is a blockchain and ESG company focused on commodities like LNG (Liquified Natural Gas ) and Gold! Abaxx Tech came to the market through a RTO (Reverse Take-Over) of New Millennium Iron (NML & NWLNF). The serially successful mining and media billionaire mogul, Robert Friedland, was one of Abaxx's first angel investors. Abaxx Technologies has multiple subsidiaries. One of the subsidiaries is the Abaxx Exchange where Abaxx Tech receives a royalty for the commodities listed on the exchange. Brilliant company with proven leadership. See more info about the company at:
Abaxx.Tech & Abaxx.Exchange

The Trade:
Since the inception of Abaxx has moved rather slowly. It looks to be building on what looks to be a cup and handle pattern on the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly charts - All look super bullish!!
The daily chart shows that a small cup has formed since ABXXF started trading on Dec 18, 2020. As of today, Mar 29, 2021, we seem to forming the handle with a few days left for this month of March. The price may fall between $2.96 and $2.88 before rebounding to complete the handle formation.

If we include the price action of New Millennium Iron before the RTO , the weekly and monthly charts for ABXXF show a much larger cup and handle formation. The resistance level and breakout point will be @ $4.18.
Blue skies ahead for the green company. See the link for related idea below.

Abaxx is currently listed on the Neo Exchange in Canada and on the OTC in the US under: ABXX & ABXXF

This is not investment advice. I am long on ABXXF and have been a shareholder since it's inception through the RTO .
Comment: I recently published an idea for a 4-hour chart for ABXX. You're able to see the cup and handle formation more clearly if you use the ABXX chart instead of the chart for ABXXF.
I am still LONG on Abaxx Technologies and have since added a few more shares of ABXXF since this original idea was posted back in March.
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