ADA/USDT - 15min - Flat Correction

BINANCE:ADAUSDT   Cardano / TetherUS
looks to me like ada is close to completing a Flat correction .

if we assume that its completed 5 waves up on the higher degree, then we have a conservative count that at least would give us an ABC for the X before the next leg down.

the bullish outlook would have the flat complete the 4th and begin a new impulse for the 5th, but i'm not betting on that count unless the conservative count is invalidated.

i'm revising the count here.
it looks as though the 4th and 5th i was looking 4 came in falling short of my target.

based on the leading diagonal that followed and the beginning of a flat correction i'm now expecting a 1/2 as shown in the image above.
ill be keeping an eye on it and update soon.
the count for the 1/2 is invalidated, so back to original count with this being the 4th.
looks like a leading diag for A and an ending diag for C.
Comment: the x is in and we are now working on the ABC for the Y.