Dissecting a winning trade in $AEHR. What went wrong?

NASDAQ:AEHR   Aehr Test Systems
Admittedly, not all of my trades will be correct. Even if they are correct, I will never be able to trade them perfectly. What I strive for is to be better than yesterday.

Such is the case for my $AEHR trade.

The marked areas are what I used to enter this stock, usually when volatility has died down.

Tried to be as patient as I could by trailing my profit with 5 Day Moving Average. It worked for a time but my ride got cut short, leaving me in the dust at $13.50ish

Maybe it was too tight of a trail profit to use. Nonetheless, that strategy has proved its worth in the past already.

Currently missing out on a lot of gains from this. Will use this experience to improve my strategy further.

This trade has made me around $30k. It's good but still a lot more to be improved.

Thanks and good luck out there!