AGI, GOLD-Market GEM, Major EXTENSION Because of THIS Factor!

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NYSE:AGI   Alamos Gold Inc.
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Welcome to my new analysis about AGI, a major gold-market gem I recently spotted, and added to my watchlist because of the major underlying factors prevalent here. As I already pointed out the major gold-market gems that are going to emerge with epic growth rates similar to those seen in the gold rushes within the gold market history, the most important part in my analysis and watchlist is to distinguish the diverging gold stock categories.

Because the major gold-backed currency-system implementation acceleration is not going to affect all of the gold stocks in the same manner!

The implementation of a gold-back currency system is important for three categories of Gold Stocks I detected:

1.) Gold Stocks that will emerge with a massive bullish volatility increase no matter the size of the gold-backed currency system implementation.
2.) Gold Stocks that will emerge with a massive bullish volatility increase when the necessary technology and high-tech are backing the gold-backed currency system implementation.
3.) Gold Stocks that will only emerge with a massive bullish volatility increase when the gold-backed currency system is implemented in a big enough economic field together with the necessary technology and high-tech backing.

Now, with distinguishing the major categories of gold stocks within the gold stocks market it is necessary to spot primarily those stocks that have the most potential to move along with the important real-time developments in the actual gold-backed currency-system implementation. Because, when the gold-backed currency-system implementation is moving forward with a simultaneous acceleration of the actual technology and high-tech gold market stocks of all three categories will have a substantial potential to accelerate with heavy bullish volatility growth rates when the economic field of gold-backed currency-system implementation is big enough.

Therefore, as I have analyzed AGI the gold stock falls into the first category of gold stocks within the market as the major bullish wave is already established and the underlying factors are supporting this bullish wave expansion. The gold-backed currency-system implementation no matter the size of the economic field is going to accelerate this trend dynamics heavily and the already established trend is going to increase at a minimum of 8x faster pace. AGI is a typical gold stock of category 1 as it is emerging with the underlying technicals as well as gold market backing to emerge with this major price action acceleration.

When looking at my chart AGI already completed this massive descending channel formation with a huge upper boundary breakout above which it accelerated and now moved further to mark a major formation structure with the main diamond-continuation-formation that is building up above the breakout areas. Furthermore, AGI already established the main underlying price-action-trend-dynamic with the coherent wave-count that is going to unfold the full potential once the breakout above the upper boundary has emerged as it is seen within my chart. Also highly important here is the fact that AGI already completed the main bullish EMA crossover with the 35-EMA marked in orange crossing above the 65-EMA.

Taking all these factors into consideration AGI is on the verge of the most epic breakout development within the whole price-action chart. Especially as it is already rallying this rally will accelerate heavily on the upcoming gold-backed currency-system implementations. The target zone only for this current ongoing trend is as marked within my chart within the 100 level and especially with the further continuation of the gold-backed currency-system trend with the necessary technology high-tech backing there is also potential to move beyond this level. Nonetheless, in this case, it is also highly crucial that not a severe inflation wave shows up within the market or the potential recession accelerates to a major depression because this is going to reverse into a more bearish perspective.

Nonetheless, currently, there are more factors determining this historical gold-backed currency trend expansion to emerge and therefore it should be the prevalent considerable scenario. Therefore I am going to keep the gold market gem on my watchlist and adjust to the most determining factors with the changes emerging.

In this manner, thank you everybody for watching my analysis of AGI. Support from your side is greatly appreciated.

In this free education, I have analyzed the major evolution process of money.

Today, a new evolution of the money is added here, the gold-backed currency system implementation:
UPDATE: A major gold-backed currency system implementation acceleration even when it is not backed by high-tech is likely to lead to a massive volume spike in the next time. ✔
UPDATE: AGI is continuing with the full completion of the main diamond formation to accelerate the bullish momentum.

AGI is going to emerge with a final bullish breakout with the gold-backed currency implementation to increase at the same pace.

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