AIR.NZ high returns for the next couple of years

For stable investors, we have seen the pandemic and preventive measures taken by the countries that have affected the airlines market, Suspension of flights, and the ban on receiving travelers in some countries, High oil, energy prices, and layoffs have made a huge collapse of airlines market.
for the New Zealand airlines, the time is coming to buy the small fish, with the share price dropping 49% in three years and the COVID-19 negative news, we can go long on AIR.NZ stock.

Corporate directors expect the aviation sector to improve in 2024 so we can buy low and sell high.
The total debt for the company has been reduced by 10.88% since 29/6/2020 was: 3,713 B to be: 3,309 B in 29/6/2021
The company's free cash flow was just on the positive side 0.092 B in 2021 and was -0.385 B for the year 2020, which will help the company generate cash to support the business.

the company assets have been reduced by -11.25% since it was: 7,543 B in the year 2020 to be: 6,694 B the 2021 year based on (yahoo finance),

overview of the company,
we can see the price will continue moving downside towards 0.85 $ -0.93$ support area, so we can enter our position there:
targeting 2.93 $- 3.00 $ resistance area, as our near target for the next couple of years,

This investment will take two years or more (estimated)
with an expected return of 200% - 240% in two years or three years