AMD BULLISH spaceship is getting ready to fly

BATS:AMD   Advanced Micro Devices Inc
I worked out all the math behind the flight path of the bullish spaceship. I'd imagine maybe this?
Space ship math is hard. idk.
Like short term wise, we probably will definitely most likely pretty much see 113.36 (better say 112 to be safe)
Very bullish short term climb with potential to spring up to 119-126.

This is a short term chart, but should cover a lot of the possible movement. I trade on trends, so I'll be looking for more short term support to build to allow this to continue climbing. Once that trends starts to break, I'll be looking for an exit and a potential short entry.

Very bullish on AMD.
Also. VERY bullish on Tesla
Indicators have reset on this drop to 104. Lots of potential to hold trend and keep climbing. IF trend breaks, and we drop, look for support to come just under 100. and maybe stabilize around 102.

To simplify the chart, if green trend breaks, expect drop to orange, (drop will probably be steep), if green trend holds, expect another pump to test that 112 number.
I like this buy range. From now until 97. I still like the upside, but we'll need to be careful.
Getting close to a retracement zone.
I'm out. I'd look for a short entry for a better than average chance of profit. Indicators are starting to look mighty overextended. I'm not sure when, but there is definitely going to be a nice retracement to make money.
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