NYSE:AMPY   Amplify Energy Corp
This a company that will survive this pandemic and will see the highest oil prices on record in the coming times. Literally no put options on because it will be dumb to short something that is undervalued. It is understood debt levels are there but they are no where near the point to have conversations of bankruptcy. Made alot money on this stock. Its got heavty rise coming very soon. Hold time for day trade one month.
Comment: Still Bullish. Its moving as expected after a failed head and shoulders
Comment: Still bullish you can really see. It failed now
Comment: Still Bullish. Hedge fund stratgey hurting stock. Cant hold on much longer. huge reversal soon


Still Bullish. Hedge fund hurting the stock. Expiration soon.
I was wrong learned a new lesson. Always humbled by new learnings. Use Fibonacci time before assuming a chart is complete
Let me be clear on this. The head and shoulders is complete. The trend did not reverse that's why I am bull.