AMZN: Bearish Bat with Confirmation Could Take It Down to $42.99

RizeSenpai Updated   
NASDAQ:AMZN   Amazon.com
We have officially gotten PPO Confirmation at the Bearish Bat PCZ, as a result, I am now convicted to this trade and am even willing to lower my target back down to $42.99. We have broken trend on the PPO and Confirmed an Arrow at the PCZ; a move down to $42.99 would be the completion of a Perfect AB=CD BAMM and the Bearish Bat here just may act as our Early C entry to catch the more macro CD wave to $42.99.
Trade active:
With the recent rise back into the Reversal Zone, AMAZON now looks even more Bearish than it did the first time, as it has given us yet another set of Bearish PPO Confirmation Arrows at the PCZ. I think AMZN is now set to go down big without much of a fight back anymore: