Crypto Is The Future But You Don't Understand It

Throughout 2021 I've had many conversations with crypto investors talking their position saying that "crypto is the future!" It may very well be but that is not always reflected in the price. Something can simultaneously be the future and go down in value all at the same time. Just look back at NASDAQ:AMZN in 1999!
"Be to others the person you needed to meet 10 years ago"

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Appreciate your work.

Thank you
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Love your videos. Logic over FOMO.
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Well done...fantastic. Some actual sanity and logic.....refreshing. As a former prop trader & technical analysis chart GEEK that worked at 3 major firms I bow to your wisdom.
much hopeful for the future man :) thanks for this
I bought a little at 11k. Then I watched it shoot from 20k to 34k. I was waiting for the retracement. How do we know if this cycle will act the same way as the previous? We may not enter a true bear market for another year. Meanwhile my money is sitting in a bank depreciating. I'm not saying I disagree with your video, but I am saying there are many other factors that go into decisions retail traders like myself make.
norok Clevortrevor
@Clevortrevor, We don't know the future but we can look at the past. Markets and what people trade may change... but human nature does not.

Throughout history there have been recurrent themes about speculative bubbles. When shoeshine boys and cabbies are bragging about how much money they are making on an asset class it is a warning sign. It is not that the retail investor cannot make more money in the asset but rather an indication that the asset is in a period of MAXIMUM RISK instead of maximum opportunity when no one is talking about it.
Good analysis thank you !
Your videos are always original and interesting, thanks!
Cool video. Thank you. I would add that it's easy to understand the concept, but hard to put it in practice. The big question is...what will retail traders be excited about a few years from now? Is it precious metals? uranium? green technologies?
norok saturnian
@saturnian, It is always difficult to apply the logic to the present and unique situations. I think that a valuable trait for investors to have is conviction BUT that conviction must be based upon something UNIQUE. One cannot base their conviction on something just because everyone else is bullish. Everyone being bullish is reflected in the price being high. Real conviction comes from holding an opinion that few share and in fact most are biased against and from there great gains can be made.