Grade-A Gains

The A's are the winners in the corporate and crypto worlds

ATOM is the latest portfolio gem with an amazing chart. On the verge of a breakout run, price can tag the top of the channel at $60. If it has some time to chew up some time consolidating than $90 becomes the top of that channel. Additionally, ATOM offers attractive APR staking yields from 6% to 9%, depending on which exchange.

ALGO had a similar setup not too long ago.

Recently ALGO followed through with the expected breakout and likely needs to cool off before tapping that $3 to $4 area at the top of the channel.

ADA is another. Abundant gains with a decent APR staking yield currently at 4.91% on Exodus wallet. Recently breaking to new highs, ADA has every reason to take another leg up. Although under $3 is a steal, the chart structure doesn't give any clues to technical price targets yet. All in all, I see ADA having more upside in the coming years than ETH.

Ethereum is looking awful. The double top is concerning and that MACD divergence is not helping.

While we are at it. Bitcoin is also in a pickle with the MACD weak while price is rising to either a double top , or a higher high which is even worse. This would lock in a major MACD divergence, paving the way to a dump right after a false break to new highs. Price needs to grind sideways for a healthy set up to continue.

Similar to how Gold is.

We all know the DXY has some inverse correlation to these assets. Here's what it would look like if there was a major crypto dump. The DXY would break to new lows causing extreme bearishness. Soon after catapulting into a fresh bull run.
Comment: I exited out of only my extra speculative portion of my btc position Sunday as I overheard a phone call of someone trying to convince their family to buy crypto. After that didn't work he called a friend claiming a 50k investment would return at least 2k monthly staking. There is an insane level of bullishness that is mainstream. The charts are clearly signaling burn out. Upside is limited and downside risk is high even without the bs china crackdown. Re-entry opportunities will come.