AUDJPY: Watch this - don't kick yourself!

FX:AUDJPY   Australian Dollar / Japanese Yen
AUDJPY is in a critical zone on the 3D time frame. This is one to get ready to short, on a lower time frame. Price is struggling in the congestion zone, which contains a heavy bearish investor sentiment. This does not mean price is bound to head south. It means that the probability estimate from this time frame is for the south. For every probability in one direction, there is a residual probability in the opposite direction.
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Nice analysis Cap- I was just prepping this pair for a possible entry today on a retest back into the flat off the hourly and then I saw your post. All lining up with my entry and plan rules except for the fact the entry might be on a Thursday which isnt a no but it is a smaller position size for me. Its at the top of my watch list for the moment. Its always nice when other traders you respect look at the same concepts in different ways. Thanks. :-)